Trusted by the Government Sector to
deliver high quality civil engineering projects.


Since its early beginnings working on construction projects for the respected Simbithi Eco-Estate on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, SBT Civils has diversified its expertise to include road infrastructure; bulk earthworks; water pipelines and reticulation; sanitation and water/sewer treatment pumps and concrete structures. SBT Civils owes its success to a team of dynamic and motivated people who ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget and to its clients’ satisfaction. Strong and effective communication between all role players and a close working relationship with the professional team has been the cornerstone of the company’s success.


To make a significant impact in the delivery of civil construction projects, while empowering employees, uplifting communities and preserving the environment during the process.


To produce world-class infrastructure built on a solid foundation of excellence, trust and delivery.


  • Commitment – Honour commitments made to clients and stakeholders
  • Quality – Produce a high quality of civil engineering work at all times
  • Delivery – Complete projects on time and within budget
  • Trust – Earn and retain the trust of all stakeholders and maintain positive relationships
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Make a difference in the lives of employees and communities, as well as limiting the environmental impact of our projects


Quality lies at the heart of SBT Civils’ leadership strategy and includes:

  • A Quality Control process that is communicated to all employees and sub-contractors
  • A rigorous Quality Control System, with testing and an accurate record of the process at each stage, on each project site
  • The use of high quality materials on our projects
  • Experienced and skilled employees who drive SBT Civils’ quality control principles on each of its projects


SBT Civils is committed to the safety and health of all its employees, and strives to eliminate hazards it foresees and encounters on its sites. Through its integrated Safety Health and Environmental (SHE) Management approach, SBT Civils prevents health and safety incidents and ensures compliance with all relevant legislation.

SBT Civils is committed to ensuring that Health and Safety is regularly assessed and managed on all its projects using a three-fold process.


  1. An integrated Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) system that can be audited by most OHS auditing bodies (IRCA, NOSA). The company currently uses an ESH Consultants audit system. 
  2. Every project is independently audited at least once a month and the results of these audits are sent to the company’s management and the relevant site for reference and action. Any issues are immediately corrected by site staff, site management and the independent Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) consultants. All sites are also audited externally by a client appointed person. 
  3. SBT Civils conducts regular legal and site-specific training, and distributes its findings to all sites to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

SBT Civils undertakes to provide a safe working environment and appropriate tools to minimise and eliminate hazards on all its sites




As a leading civil engineering company, SBT Civils believes that reducing the environmental impact of its projects is an essential component of its business operations. As such, SBT Civils follows a pre-set environmental policy in conjunction with its Environmental partner INDIFLORA. This policy takes into consideration the environmental impact of SBT Civils’ work and legislative requirements. Staff, contracted parties and partners on all its projects are regularly managed and inspected to ensure compliance with the policy.

Environmental responsibility for SBT Civils means protecting the environment by actively trying to reduce our own, our contractors and partner’s environmental impact.


SBT Civils has a level Three BBBEE Accreditation and is committed to employing local sub-contractors on all its projects. Currently, 75% of its employees come from previously disadvantaged communities.


SBT Civils’ diverse leadership and management team have the experience, skill and know-how to ensure that the company implements a high quality standard of work and delivers on its promises.

The leadership of SBT Civils has a combined experience of over 60 years in the construction industry ensuring that all aspects of running a top civil construction business are rigorously maintained.  With degrees in Construction Management, Law and Quantity Surveying, the leadership at SBT Civils are dedicated to maintaining and growing the company into the future.

The company’s onsite teams are managed by highly capable and skilled individuals with the experience and qualifications to manage any project, ensuring the work delivered is up to the high quality it expects.